Thursday, April 21, 2011

We got birds

I have been noticing recently that when I leave the house, as soon as I open our door a bird flies out
of this tree:      Yes this is normal, but I literally mean EVERY time I leave the house.

And then I realized Oh my gosh there is nest in there!   I was so excited!   I know this is nothing new.birds build nests in trees all the time, It's what they do.    But not always in MY tree. I had been
wondering if were  eggs in it.....   and YES there are little blue eggs!!   so cute  
I snapped this picture real quick after I saw the mommy bird fly away....I didn't touch anything, just held the camera above it and......Would you look at those beauties, just in time for Easter :)                        I am so fascinated with nature :)
But now I'm worried.... will the mother leavc the nest if it feels unsafe?  I hope not. We come in and out of our front door quite often ( it's a must... gotta go to work and all )   lol    and it flies away every time.      So if you know anything about birds.....   I'm wonderin.

I'll be honest, this has totally made my day


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