Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I know I haven't posted anything in a while.... it's just been such a crazy busy week and this poor blog got put on the back burner for a while, if you know what I mean.     But I did have some fun while I was at it.

I gave Red Sox tickets    ( at an outrageous price for standing room only! )  to my honey for his birthday and we went this past weekend. We stayed an extra day to do some sightseeing and  I  have some pictures to share with you and I gotta tell you....  Boston is a fun city!   Downtown reminded me a lot of home (Philadelphia), with all it's history and the  Quincy Market, ( kinda like Reading Terminal  here) this place had almost too many options for a hungry person :) and I didn't take pictures before the dessert, because I was busy stuffing my face.
this place had tons of good food.   we ate here Friday and Saturday

Look at all this yumminess!

 Of course we had to get something  Boston Cream
 and I just can't resist pecan pie.... it was so good 

 I really liked the Paul Revere House...taking pictures inside the house was not an option so this is all I got.    But I loved the inside.... it had furniture from way back when  and  I thought it was so cool and all , but I have to admit.... I was thinking the whole time how nice it would look with a fresh coat of paint and some new fabric.  Sorry historians  that's just the way my crafting mind works.

On Saturday morning we took a bus to see this church....

I have to say I was totally fascinated by the architecture, and my pictures just do not do it justice :(

It had beautiful stained glass windows that you can sorta see in this picture...

 and I loved this section with the arch

  this is one of the doors      it just makes me think of an old castle.
 a reflection of the side of the church....
 in the side  of this building.  It's  the tallest building in Boston and there are like a million windows....   
 below,  I'm taking this picture from inside that green and orange bus you see in the reflection      yes little things like this could keep me busy for hours      lol

next stop Fenway Park.      Although the home team lost, we had a great time!   My honey just has a love for all things sports and he was thrilled just to be at a game at "America's most beloved ballpark"

the famous Green Giant

This is me outside the Market .   see that infinity scarf ?   and you might notice that I added a flower to it.      tutorial for infinity scarf Here

and this is my honey :)   Love him!

and last but not least, we saw this and just had to take a picture...

Avery is my daughters name..... and you can read a little bit about that  Here.
and we had to get our picture taken under it.....   just felt special and right.

Thanks for stopping by,
Debby =)

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