Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Chair Before and After

I'm happy to show you a before and after chair redo that my crafty sister did for her home.
I have 5 sisters and she is the oldest.... the one I call if I have a question about pretty
much anything and she always has an answer ( even if it's not necessarily what I want to hear)
anyway on to the chair.   I only have before and after photos because she's a little like me and
got caught up in her work.... needless to say the in between pictures just didn't  happen,          
So These are the photos she was kind enough to send me:

Kinda yucky... and is that a rip in the seat fabric?

                                                                        and TA DAH!

Personally I don't know where she gets the patience for some of the things she does.....
  I'm pretty sure it wasn't easy lining up all those stripes and

Look at all those little nail heads...   but  doesn't it look great?!

Happy Crafting,

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