Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Rosette necklace

Hello all!   Hope you're
December isn't as crazy as mine is!
Time just refuses to stop for me and I can't 
seem to get anything organized!  
But I did manage to finish a few projects and 
this is my newest rosette necklace

(I'm struggling to get accurate photos of my jewelry
but the colors in this one are pretty close.)

I am selling this one, 
but I don' t have my Etsy store set up just yet....
So if you have interest just email 
or leave a comment below :)

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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

An old door to fill in a "blank wall"

Yes I'm a little embarrassed to admit
I did get an old door out of the trash.
But it was the perfect size,  shape and color!
How often does exactly what you've been looking
for drop in your lap like that?
If you're anything like me your saying "never" .
So I looked around to make sure no one was looking 
and grabbed that door right up.
and when I say "grabbed" I actually mean "lugged
That thing was heavy!
And after a lot of scrubbing 
it was perfect...

Looking at this now I'm thinking the birdcage has 
got to go... but otherwise I'm loving
the shabby chic look

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Monday, December 12, 2011

3 Miles is getting easier!

Yes I have officially run a 5K !
and I could still breathe when I was done
Quite the accomplishment for me.
I guess I should say I jogged a 5k...
I don't think a 10 minute mile is considered running, 
Actually I might look that up.....

It was so much easier today and it felt so good!
I took a week off last week and I'm wondering if 
the people at the gas station and the playground missed me.
Ha ha  just kidding, but seriously people are starting
to wave as I go by now.  
Maybe I need to change my route a little bit.
O and I forgot to mention...
I got an early Christmas present that I am totally loving...
new running shoes!
I am a happy girl.

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Friday, December 2, 2011

I just found my old "art work"

I just found some art papers that I did YEARS ago.
It made me sad that I haven' t picked up a pencil and just 
sketched in so long.... I'm not even sure I can still do it!

I decided to take some pictures and share them with you all.
These are all pencil drawings from when I was about 14- 19 years old.
So many memories....

 I loved Precious Moments in those days....  

Can't remember which one of my sisters did the scribbles on this one .... but I DO remember I was not happy about it.

This one has a date of  9/11/95

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