Monday, September 10, 2012

Decoupaged Train Case

Not sure if you remember my thrift store train case

(Loved it at the time but its kind of ugly.... )

I had a lot of great finds that shopping day....
 I have been slowly changing the colors of my 
house and the color of this little guy just didn't work for me anymore....
so I got out my mod podge and some sheet music ( that I got for 25 cents at a thrift store)
and went to town on this thing.
I was really sloppy with it and had to use some white paint
for the edges, but I'm totally loving it now!!

Sometimes I  get an idea in my head and go to it without doing a 
whole lot of planning ahead and well.... this was one of those times....
I would recommend painting it 
FIRST, if you want it to look a little less "shabby"

Monday, July 30, 2012

Dear Avery

Dear Avery,
    Oh baby girl your mama is sad tonight.....
I almost feel like you're slipping away from me and  I don' t know what to do....
You will have a new brother or sister in a few months and this baby will need to use your little bed  and someday share your room.... and that feels wrong to me right now, but I'm pretty sure it will be ok when the time comes. It will still be your things too, just sharing them.....and sharing is good.
  But I need you to know that I love you still...
just as much now as i did the minute I knew you existed, and I never for a minute stop thinking about you.  You are my beautiful little angel girl and  I still miss you so much.
Mama's heart is big enough to love you both, I promise.
Love you forever,
your mama

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Brooch and hair clip storage

I have a lot of different hair accessories and pins
that I have bought or made that I had stored
all over the place...
 this made it difficult  when
 trying to find  the one that perfectly matches my outfit
as I'm rushing out the door.

I was determined to find a  solution to this problem
and here it is...

I used a  long piece of burlap!
 I'm not ashamed to say that I am using
duct tape to hold it to the top of my shelves.
It is a melamine bookshelf and there was no way
I was getting a nail or tac in  duct tape it is!
It holds great and no one will ever know....

I got the idea
She used a belt, but I needed something a little bigger and
I already had the burlap.   works perfectly

Have you been doing any organizing lately??
If you have any great ideas... I would love to hear them!

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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Ruffle shower curtain before and after

I know I've said this before but I am totally
loving ruffles right now,
 so when I saw THIS ruffle shower curtain at Anthro I wanted needed it...
and then I saw how much it was!!  118 bucks!  

So I decided to make my own.... 
 I absolutely LOVE it!

Here is the before....
it looks so .... ugly now.
 It actually is a nicer blue than it looks in the picture
 but,  wow,  what a difference the new one makes!

 This is what it looked like when I ran out of fabric
and I had to put it up anyway because I was using the original shower curtain
to make the new one.....

I added that little blue ruffle because I thought about leaving it like this,
 but I wasn't satisfied, it just looked unfinished.
So back to the store I went and was happy they had
the exact colors I was looking for.
Here is the finished product again
not gonna lie and tell you this was  a quick project.
It took quite a while to cut the strips of fabric, ruffle each strip,
pin and then sew it on.... making sure it was straight...etc...
Then the unfortunate running out of fabric, running back to the store
ripping off the little joke 
of a ruffle that I sewed on trying to make it look finished, and 
starting all over again with the added fabric.
All that work was totally worth it....
It makes me happy every time I see it 
and best of all it only cost me $20
whew!! Glad that project is done ... 
Now to paint those black "relax" and "enjoy" words  a
color that matches....

P.S.   There are already quite
a few tutorials out there for this and although I did mine a little different 
than they did.... it's all pretty much the same idea.
And if you do give it a go.... I recommend Elastic thread! 
It made the ruffles that much easier

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Hope, second chances and God's love

 I have been thinking a lot about Hope, Second Chances and God's unending love for us.
Even when life looks dark and  there is nothing right in the world, God is there for and
with us, encouraging us to keep going.  There IS a light at the end of the tunnel,  we just have to choose faith and MOVE FORWARD towards that light.  There is no standing still in life, it may feel like a  maze, sometimes making wrong turns, mistakes, but we are learning and growing along the way.

I was at a place in my life where there didn't seem to be a light, I was done here, but when you reach bottom you finally start looking up.... and that's where hope is, that's where God is just waiting for you to reach out to Him, to just place your life in His hands.  He can change everything, He can give second chances and that is where hope starts.   He knows what He is doing, what is best for us.

Here is a song that I have been listening to often....

  Rend Collective Experiment- Second Chance

I am holding on to  hope, praying for faith and thanking God for second chances

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Headband storage

Recently I have been cleaning out.... getting rid of things
I don' t need, don' t wear or haven' t used....
but most of all
It's hard for me to stay organized  but I have been encouraged
by all the great ideas I've  been finding online,
  using things you might already have in the house.
   Or in my language... FREE.
This headband storage is one those things...
idea found Here

This looks so much nicer than when they were all jumbled up in a drawer,
I used this container turned upside down so it would be more stable

Now that I can see these... .I actually wear them
Funny how you can forget what you have when
it's hidden in the bottom of a drawer....

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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Dreams of a ruffle wedding

  I am so obsessed with ruffles right now....
If I wasn't already married this is what I would be looking into...
So flowy, girly and gorgeous!!

I love that this dress is not strapless...

Can I just throw a party and pretend it's normal for me
to be wearing these things??


Thursday, May 3, 2012

Book page flowers on canvas wall art

This project is  a little 
time consuming because of letting the paint dry and 
making the book page flowers but very simple
(tutorial for flowers HERE)

You will need 
 canvas  ( i used an 8" x 10")
          craft paint  ( I used black and white for a grayish lookb)
 some pages from an old book for the flowers

I mixed the two colors with a toothpick and brushed 
it on with short strokes to cover the white and 
get the look I wanted.

After glueing  the flowers on in the heart shape 
I painted  just
around the edges of the heart and dry brushed
the flowers with another light layer of black
Here it is on my table and....

 the finished look on the wall!

I did the black and white mixed to get a grey color that 
would blend with the other photo canvases I have on my wall
It matches perfectly!!

I would be happy to show you the wall collage I put up 
but I'm having a little issue with uploading any more photos so
until I figure that out... no more photos :(

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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

lilacs a suitcase and some sunshine

Today has got to be the gloomiest day ever !!
Unfortunately this kind of weather really affects my mood, 
the lack of sunshine just makes it feel like a sad day!

I was a little disappointed because I had plans to work 
out in the "garden" today....
but the drizzle out there changed that.
 you would think I'd be happy that I can put it off another day.

But anyway, I wanted to share something that brought a little sunshine to my day.
 I took some pictures
the other day (when it was warm and sunny)  with  my most recent 
"yard sale treasures" as props and I'm totally loving 
how they turned out!!
I bought this pitcher for a dollar and I love how it looks with the lilacs

and  I got this vintage suitcase for $5

I can almost feel the sunshine :)

Hope you're having a sunny and cheerful day!!
 Thanks to my mom this  lilac bush is one of my favorites in the yard now....
she started it from a clipping of a plant that I gave her as a gift.
She is a genius with things like that.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

sheet music wall art

Hi there!
 I have a completed project to share!
 I know.... you thought I was gone forever, 
but here I am with another easy/cheap project.

I  had this frame above my bed for a few years and
I loved the frame but  the  photos I had  in it didn't look balanced
or something.... I don' t know I just didn't like it, OK??

 Then a lightbulb moment.... 
I don' t HAVE to use photos if I don' t want to!
 I have been really liking the sheet music wall art  I've been seeing all over blog world
So this is what I came up with 

sorry about the fuzzy photo :(
It looks crooked, but it isn't .... .trust me.  that would annoy me way too much
 Loving it!!
I only spent 50 cents on this project :)  I bought the sheet music at a thrift store)
I used 3 sheet music pages,  left the edges slightly torn and overlapped
1 piece of scrap paper and my handy Cricut machine for the "you & me"
some tape
annddd..... thats it!!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Outfit post... cozy winter days

I know I have been slacking in my posting these days
and to  the few people who read my blog....
I'm sorry!
Life has been a little crazy lately, 
so crazy that I'm not really 
doing anything but simply worrying about how crazy it is.
But I'm done with all that,
I'm back to normal work days and everything is starting to slow down a little bit.
My outfit posts will be things I already have in my 
closet worn in new ways.... 
so you might will see
one or more of the same things in these posts.
  I'm hoping this will make some of my clothes SEEM new and 
hopefully help me cut down on my shopping....
probably not.... I LOVE shopping
So here is my cozy winter days outfit
Jeans:  Aerie,   chiffon tank top: Aerie,  sweater: Old Navy
Scarf:  don't remember , pin:   I made it 
necklace   gift
The necklace I'm wearing in this picture was a very special
gift from a friend of mine,  she made it for me...
  post on that coming soon!
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Friday, January 13, 2012

My size sticker fail...

I was excited to be going out with some friends tonight
and we are going to a casual restaurant so I 
pulled out what has been my favorite outfit these days.

these jeans, flow y top and cardigan....

but then this shiny dot caught my eye....
can you see that little dot on the right that has a big "S" on it?
Oh my gosh I must have worn this shirt like....  5 times?
with the size sticker on it.  Really?  5 times and I didn't see it?
Maybe no one else noticed it either or.... maybe  they were just being nice and trying 
not to embarrass me.... either way,  it's finally gone!
I'm really getting bad with this.... I came home from a 
friends birthday party about a week ago and 
realized I still had the price tag hanging inside my sweater...
I wonder.... could you see that through the back of my sweater
all night??   Am I the only one who does crazy things like this?

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