Thursday, May 24, 2012

Ruffle shower curtain before and after

I know I've said this before but I am totally
loving ruffles right now,
 so when I saw THIS ruffle shower curtain at Anthro I wanted needed it...
and then I saw how much it was!!  118 bucks!  

So I decided to make my own.... 
 I absolutely LOVE it!

Here is the before....
it looks so .... ugly now.
 It actually is a nicer blue than it looks in the picture
 but,  wow,  what a difference the new one makes!

 This is what it looked like when I ran out of fabric
and I had to put it up anyway because I was using the original shower curtain
to make the new one.....

I added that little blue ruffle because I thought about leaving it like this,
 but I wasn't satisfied, it just looked unfinished.
So back to the store I went and was happy they had
the exact colors I was looking for.
Here is the finished product again
not gonna lie and tell you this was  a quick project.
It took quite a while to cut the strips of fabric, ruffle each strip,
pin and then sew it on.... making sure it was straight...etc...
Then the unfortunate running out of fabric, running back to the store
ripping off the little joke 
of a ruffle that I sewed on trying to make it look finished, and 
starting all over again with the added fabric.
All that work was totally worth it....
It makes me happy every time I see it 
and best of all it only cost me $20
whew!! Glad that project is done ... 
Now to paint those black "relax" and "enjoy" words  a
color that matches....

P.S.   There are already quite
a few tutorials out there for this and although I did mine a little different 
than they did.... it's all pretty much the same idea.
And if you do give it a go.... I recommend Elastic thread! 
It made the ruffles that much easier

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