Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Hope, second chances and God's love

 I have been thinking a lot about Hope, Second Chances and God's unending love for us.
Even when life looks dark and  there is nothing right in the world, God is there for and
with us, encouraging us to keep going.  There IS a light at the end of the tunnel,  we just have to choose faith and MOVE FORWARD towards that light.  There is no standing still in life, it may feel like a  maze, sometimes making wrong turns, mistakes, but we are learning and growing along the way.

I was at a place in my life where there didn't seem to be a light, I was done here, but when you reach bottom you finally start looking up.... and that's where hope is, that's where God is just waiting for you to reach out to Him, to just place your life in His hands.  He can change everything, He can give second chances and that is where hope starts.   He knows what He is doing, what is best for us.

Here is a song that I have been listening to often....

  Rend Collective Experiment- Second Chance

I am holding on to  hope, praying for faith and thanking God for second chances

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  1. Hey...funny that you post the link to this song.. it has been my favorite song the past couple of weeks. God sure does give us so many chances to come back to Him! Sounds like you are doing good & glad to hear it :)