Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Memory necklace

I have been wanting to make  a memory necklace for my baby girl Avery.
I was picturing those long charm necklaces  with lots of beads and things... kinda like this:                 

The other day at  the thrift store I found this photo charm thingy for $3, and lucky me it was EXACTLY  what I was looking for.   So I finally got around to making it.   It was a square frame with a little picture between two pieces of glass.  I had to break open the frame...  pretty easy was only lightly soldered together. Looked like this after I opened it and took the glass out

Then I just used Wordperfect to type out what I wanted it to say on it.... .I don't have a photo of her:(
Her name, date of birth on one side and  a little saying I like for the other side.
printed it out on pink paper and  drew a square around the glass
cut them out and inked the edges a little bit to give it a little " character"

 sandwiched  them between the glass and put the charm back together
 glued the metal back together with this nifty glue   E6000  great for jewelry making.  You only need a small dab, it dries clear and holds. 
Then I put a toggle clasp on  a length of chain with jump rings
sorry about the fuzzy picture

added some charms and flower beads  I had laying around and ...all done!
Another picture of the finished product....  My sweet husband was willing to put it on for the picture:)

Just what I wanted for the cost of the frame ( $3)  everything else I already had.

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  1. I love it,Debbie. ...aunt Nancy :)