Monday, April 4, 2011

Spring Wreath

I was inspired to make a spring wreath the other day,  I had gotten this nest and
straw wreath at a thrift store,

I was all excited thinking this was gonna be a  quick and easy project.....   I was wrong.

First of all when I tried to take the plastic wrapper off the wreath it was shedding.... real bad.  Then I remembered I bought some pink crepe paper at the dollar store for some unknown reason.  lol
Pink crepe paper to the rescue!  I wrapped the whole wreath in the crepe paper...

 ummm not EXACTLY as cute as I was picturing.... but I figured maybe when I add the flowers and use the scarf as a bow it won't be so bad...

wrong again.     Not cute at all :(   The tulips were WAY too big for the size of the wreath and that pink crepe paper was .....   no getting around it.... just plain ugly.
At this point it was hours later and yup still working on that wreath. Now I'm DETERMINED  to make this thing cute, even if it kills me.     Pathetic I know, especially when my Friday night is wasting away and I'm quickly running out of ideas.
Then I decided to make some rolled roses with some burlap I had leftover from making some curtains.
Next thing I know I'm making LOTS of these roses to cover up that nasty crepe paper.   It was starting to get pretty now, EXCEPT my door is white and so is the wreath, Aww man , can't a girl catch a break?? 
Then I had a light bulb moment....  Maybe if I just add some color on top of the roses it will stand out a little more.   So I made some felt roses, bought a bird and some eggs for $2 at AC Moore, glued them on and called it a day.  so here it is on my front door:

thinking I kinda like it.     especially that little bird :)

Maybe next time I'll just buy the darn spring wreath. 

Hope you have a great day,


  1. I know what you mean about projects not turning out at first! But I really like your end result!

  2. Sometimes my projects take a totally different direction than what I have pictured. Your wreath turned out great. It's very pretty!