Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Suitcase for Cosmetics

I may have found a home
for all my hair and make up necessities!
I say "may have"  because I might decide in a week that it doesn't work
but as for right now.... I'm loving it :)
 I am totally obsessed right now with 
vintage suitcases for decor.  
So when I found  them at thrift stores for like $4 I couldn't resist.
And then (too late) I realized that 
6 just might be too many....  less is more and so on  blah blah....
So I needed to find a use for my last suitcase 
and I also needed to clean up the mess that was always 
spread all over this bureau.
this is on a good day... Semi organized... but still not pretty

and what it looks like now.   Not beautiful, but so much better.
 I just added a drawer organizer, put my make up brushes in small jars,
(they don't get crushed by the lid because the suitcase is just deep enough).
put the bottles in that stretchy little pocket, and keep my hair clips on the big pocket.

so easily accessible
and when I'm finished with everything I close the lid
and just like that...everything is hidden away!
Love it :)

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