Friday, May 13, 2011

Upcycled gift bags

I saved this cute gift bag from a wedding gift thinking I would reuse it sometime.  And now is the time!  I really liked the pink and white stripes... perfect for a baby girl gift.   I know what your thinking....  It only costs a few dollars to just buy one!   But I like to recycle :)   But clearly that wedding cake on there just isn't  saying "baby girl" to anyone....  

so I removed the wedding cake from the bag and set it aside to use a lil later.

this is what it looked like underneath

and this is the cake I set aside for later use.   so cute!
I made a pretty big felt rosette with a pearl in the center and some green felt leaves to cover the large cake and glued them on.
  and it looked good enough... but good enough just didn't cut it for me  It definitely needed  something else. That huge flower covered the cake shape but looked a little lonely.  Then I remembered the butterflies ( cut out on my cricut/ thank you sister for the cartridge)  that I had leftover from another project and glued one of them on.
then I just drew a swirley curly dotted line to show where the butterfly "flew" past the rose.
Much better!
so cute and it only took me a few minutes to finish.

The pink bag I've been saving from I'm not sure where....
kind of Blah
I cut out "stems" and leaves from some green scrap paper,  glued them on, glued 3 small felt rosettes to the tops.   repeated the butterfly process and ..... Done.
So much cuter than the plain pink bag!

I embellished a wedding card with the cake from the first gift bag..
First step was to cut out the polka dot paper into a rectangle.   Fold in half to make the card.  ( I made mine to fit into an envelope I already had).

polka dot paper is already folded in half in this picture

cut out some pale pink paper the size I thought would look good for the cake embellishment.
Cut brown paper a little larger than that and glued the layers together with a glue stick.
I apologize that I forgot to take a picture of the inside, I made this VERY last minute and the picture taking was not helping get it done faster.  My husband was patiently asking me every few minutes ... you almost ready?  translation     "You're done,  let's go".
But anyway, what I usually do is print out the little verse or saying that  I want in the card on computer paper.  cut it out a 1/4" smaller than the actual card making sure it is centered and where I want it to be and glue it to the inside cover .  I thought it turned out really cute.   Loved that the polka dot paper was already distressed looking.  Saved me a step.   I usually ink the edges a little bit.

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