Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Thrift Store Finds

I was very excited to be featured on two of my favorite blogs this week,
Eisy Morgan and DIY by Design
they each host a craft linky party on their blog
and I love seeing all the great things that are created and shared.
I'm always so inspired.
So,  thank you ladies!!

I went thrifting the other day and was so
thrilled with what I brought home
Yay!! More junk to fix up!
and all for less then $20
Guess I should go easy on the exclamation points...

I have been looking for some cabinet kind of thingy for my hallway
It needed to be a good size, but very shallow.... hard thing to find
but wouldn't you know I finally found the perfect thing.
AND it was only 12 bucks.   Now THAT put a smile on my face :)
and here she is.....

I know what your thinking....

and I agree , but wait until you see what it looks like when I'm done.
then you can judge.
Hopefully it will be finished soon.
and it's done!
not so ugly now

and here are a few other things I picked up
Recently I've been obsessed with old suitcases, especially when they're like $3.
and so needless to say, I grabbed this right up.
and I loved this
glass vase that reminded me of a beaker.
And this is what they look like in my living room :)

My husband added his own decorative touch....
. don't those
work boots look nice there??

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