Monday, May 9, 2011

Day 1

Ok so this is day 1

Picture of yourself and 15 interesting things about yourself.

I was in Boston with my Honey  (April )

Now I do realize that says "interesting" things about myself....  but I'm not really sure that I would consider these interesting.   so I'm going with random oddities about me. 

  1. I love all things creative....   that includes:  scrap-booking, occasional sewing, re-purposing, decorating, flowers, jewelry making,  all that fun stuff.
  2. My craft/ computer room is always a mess.   I hate clutter, but it's impossible to keep clean when you have 10 different projects started!   It's organized tho... well maybe not
  3. I can't  whistle :(   I know I know   I've been told a million times     " purse your lips and blow"  you really think I haven't tried this a million times?  it just doesn't work for me   Just kinda sounds like a pathetic blowing
  4. My wedding band and engagement ring are a size 4 3/4.  and I can finally wear them again!  My feet and hands kinda swelled when I was carrying my baby girl and they just refused to go back to their normal size till now.
  5. I can only wear neutral and really soft make up colors.   I pretty much look like a 10 year old who confiscated her mothers ( or sisters in my case) make up and went nuts with it.   not pretty, not pretty at all.
  6. I absolutely love making lists.   I write them for everything. this doesn't really benefit me at all though, because I can never remember where I put the list.
  7. I'm an impatient sewer, so if  a pattern looks too complicated, I don't bother, I won't finish it.
  8. I flew in a helicopter once,    can you say nauseous??   never again
  9. I am extremely claustrophobic.     very inconvenient at times.
  10. My sister in law  and I got married a month apart.    She got her dress  a few days before I did and when I was telling my mother in law about my dress, she was like umm... I think you better come see Carrie's dress.  Yup you guessed it. Same exact one!!   I cried a little bit, sucked it up and went shopping again and realized it wasn't " the one" after all.   So in the end I loved my dress.  Just a little test.
  11. I love being around a lot of people.   But I don' t always like to talk.
  12. I can't keep shoes without some kind of buckle on my feet.   You know all those cute pumps and ballerina shoes out there that all you girlies are wearing??   Well they are like flip flops on me :(  totally not fair. Not sure why I have to be the one with the odd feet.
  13. I redecorate my house often.    Probably a little too often.   My husband adores that about me.... never mind I think it drives him nuts.
  14. I need lots of sleep
  15. I would love it if I never had to clean my kitchen floor again.   Seriously would rather clean the bathrooms!   Not sure why, just the way it is.
and that's the end!
thanks for stopping by and stay tuned for Day 2


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