Wednesday, October 19, 2011

wrap bracelet from a thin belt

so I'm totally lovin' the  " wrap watches"..... yes that is what I call them and if they have a name other than that,  I don't know what it is.
So anyway I found this picture on Pinterest, (I hate to admit how much I'm on there) that I absolutely loved, but wasn't feeling the price tag:   anywhere from $75 - $115.  What?? I don't think my husband would appreciate that unnecessary purchase. But it sure is pretty....

la Mer Collections

I really didn't care about the watch part of it, I mostly loved the wrapped layers as a bracelet.
 light bulb moment... I could easily make my own!  With that thin leopard belt that I keep trying to wear and just seems to accentuate my
not- so -skinny parts.
All I did was wrap the belt around my wrist in a criss cross pattern  
and buckled it
like the pictures below.

hmmm   Cute,  but it needed something.
So I wrapped a chain around the same way.  I think
I like how it looks both ways.  Guess it would depend on the style of the outfit.
But either way... very simple to do.

It took all of about 3 minutes to get it looking just like I wanted :)
and it was worth those 3 minutes...  I'm totally loving it!
Maybe I will remember to take a picture of my outfit when I wear it out...
What do you think?   
Have you finished any cute do it yourself projects recently??

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