Saturday, October 8, 2011

To Be or Not To Be?

I know I have been MIA these last few months, I was seriously thinking about quitting the blog thing altogether, but as I sat in front of the computer thinking... maybe this isn't for me and I should just delete this....I couldn't do it. It represents change in my life that I so desperately need.  It is like a therapy "of sorts" for my healing heart.  So I think I'm going to give it another try.... only this time maybe give it my all.   So I have a few small tutorials to share over the next couple of days/ weeks.... whatever it takes to get myself going again.

1 comment:

  1. Keep going, Debby! I've felt the same way before too, and my blog has gone silent for months at a time (more often than I'd care to admit!) Blogging can be frustrating and lonely at times, but I've also come to realize how important it is to have a creative outlet, a place to share your story. Creativity is a healing sort of thing in that way... Hang in there and keep creating!