Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Running.... My newest and most satisfying endeavor

This is such a weird thing.   If you asked me two years ago if I could see myself running a 5K, I would have laughingly said No Way!   I HATED running,  jogging... all of it.   I couldn't even last half a block and I was huffing and puffing like the out of shape person I was. But after the loss of my little girl and carrying around 20 extra lbs of chub, I decided to give it a try.   In the beginning I think I was ( in some twisted way) punishing myself. I know! sounds disturbing, but it really gave me the shove I needed, because this running thing does not come naturally to me AT ALL.  I really had to force myself to keep going sometimes, sometimes letting the tears fall as I ran. I started out at  a few blocks jogging, then walking a little, until all of a sudden I was jogging a full mile!   Wow! I Can do this. The accomplishment felt huge to me.   Next thing I know I'm pushing to two miles. That was enough for me for a while, jogging 2 miles a few times a week eating healthier meals and just watching my body slowly but surely shrinking back into my "skinny" clothes.   Now  I LOVE running.

So with a few of my friends running 5k's. I'm thinking .... why not?   Can't be that hard...  well it IS hard.   I just hit a wall at 2 miles,   3?  not happening, I just couldn't do it.   So I downloaded this
" couch to 5k" app to my ipod....  I'm 4 weeks in and loving it.   I sorta feel like I'm going backwards a little bit, but it's building a good strong base.  It's helping me with my endurance, speed and distance making it a win, win, win situation for me :)   So if all goes well I will be 5k ready in 4 more weeks!

So although I realize this certainly is not for everyone, I encourage you to try running...I thought I hated it and couldn't do it too. It is such a good feeling though to just get out there and put all your issues, stress,  whatever heavy load you're carrying and just run it away.
I am 4 lbs away from my goal weight and I have lost a ton of inches AND  here's the bonus: I'm enjoying myself while doing it!
That is satisfaction to me....

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  1. Love this Debby. I can't wait to run 5Ks with you in honor of Avery :)