Saturday, March 26, 2011

Something I love Saturday

I know this is totally off the subject, but I tend to type the way I think so I just feel the need  to mention that ever since it officially became SPRING, the weather here has been freezing!! Oh my gosh I just want to wear some cute spring clothes!  I am so done with Mr. Winter!   Annnddd now that I got that off my chest,  we will be moving on ....     

Saturday is the day I will share something I love.   It could be anything I happen to see, find on the web, or just maybe my favorite dinner.
Today I want to share this awesome tutorial for a  bubble chandelier.  I have been obsessed with chandeliers lately and I was searching for a nice DIY tutorial that I might try someday.... and I found this:  .... and I fell in love. Problem....  I don't have anywhere to put something like this :(  
Would it be wrong to open a little shop just so I can have a bubble chandelier??

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