Tuesday, March 22, 2011

First Wedding of 2011

ok so I haven't mentioned to you yet that I am a floral designer and besides working in a flower shop two days a week, I also do small weddings at home.   Yes it does get a little messy in my kitchen, BUT I always feel like I  accomplished something important when I finish the job and the Bride loves everything.  So I have a wedding coming up in May, the 14th to be exact.   It's such a fun wedding, the dress colors are sunbeam (shown below) and kelly so it's kind of a lemon lime theme. I have about 10 centerpieces, 3 bouquets and some  boutonnieres. Here are some pictures I have been looking at that are inspiring me:

so bright and happy....     sunbeam is such an appropriate name for this color. 
her centerpieces will be clear cube vases with lemon and lime slices  and some fun yellow gerbera daisies ,
I will be sure to post pictures before I send the flowers off  to the ceremony on the big day.

Wish me luck so that all goes well and the bride loves everything.

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  1. I love this color for a wedding!! So vibrant! It'll look beautiful! I'm your new follower.. thanks for following me! :)