Monday, March 21, 2011

Trash to treasure

When I say on a whim that is exactly what I mean.....   I have the shortest attention span ever!  So there is a small chance this blog will be all over the place.   I sometimes don't even finish one craft and I'm super excited about the next thing.....  and eventually I might actually finish something.   lol.    So anyway if you can bear with me and my SAS crafting I would love to share the fun things I HAVE finished.    

So anyways, my sister gave me this sewing table and chair that she found in the trash.  I have to say it wasn't very attractive, but... it had potential.

 and here is the before...

someone was having a little fun.....
and after LOTs of sanding.....  which I should probably mention it's best to sand pieces like this outside.  I didn't have the patience to wait for warmer weather and well let's just say I cleaned that small room floor to ceiling after I was finished. I know crazy right?  but I actually finished something! Much more important :) 
and here is the after... 


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 so check back soon for some of my other finished crafts.
 have a great day!!






  1. Gorgeous!! So clean and fresh looking now! BTW.. I am SOO a SAS crafter/sewer. Big time. If a project doesn't take a mere few hours to complete, I seem to lose interest.

  2. A lovely transformation, you can barely see it's the same table and chair!

    A project well worth finishing.

  3. That came out really great. So much prettier. Thanks so much for sharing at my Swing into Spring party.

  4. I am featuring this awesome project at my Swing into Spring project tonight at my Swing into Spring party. Please stop by and pick up an I've Been Featured button. Thanks.