Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Cute Chest Redo

I bought this shapely little chest at a yard sale for the extra bedroom I have for when the little kiddies come over.
  It was $5 and cute......except it was all these bright colors.   Bright colors are fine and good, but totally did not match the room I wanted to put it in.

  Needless to say it sat in a corner until now. Since I don't have a  before picture  =(   this shoe box is the exact colors... 

 So let's paint it       Brilliant right?     I tried sanding and I was getting colored sawdust everywhere.   ewww . so frustrating! so I skipped that step.....   bad idea.   I did like 5 coats of primer and just as many coats of the finish paint to cover those bright colors with my ivory colored paint.
 An idea for a little "character" started to form.   I went through my scrapbook papers and found a tan color , cut it to 8" x 11"  so it would fit in my inkjet printer. Then I found the love definition in my computer dictionary,  copied it into wordperfect and printed it right onto the tan paper. I wanted this to be my drawer front.  laid the drawers on the wrong side of the paper and cut out the exact shape.....    are you still with me here?    I know this would be so much easier to understand with pictures but I was so busy getting it done I forgot.   sorry.
I used a little mod podge to glue them on the drawer fronts, it was starting to look really good now. All I needed was a little grayish paint to give it an old look, but I only had these colors.... 

so I used them all!     Mix em all up and you get a nice gray color...

just kinda dry brushed the edges and here and there did a few more coats of mod podge and 

Here is a closeup of the drawers
 and here is my shapely little chest in its spot with the monkeys

So there you have Wednesday's "finished" project  
think I'm gonna share it with Sew Much Ado    We Did It! Wednesday

Have a great day!
Debby =)