Tuesday, April 24, 2012

sheet music wall art

Hi there!
 I have a completed project to share!
 I know.... you thought I was gone forever, 
but here I am with another easy/cheap project.

I  had this frame above my bed for a few years and
I loved the frame but  the  photos I had  in it didn't look balanced
or something.... I don' t know I just didn't like it, OK??

 Then a lightbulb moment.... 
I don' t HAVE to use photos if I don' t want to!
 I have been really liking the sheet music wall art  I've been seeing all over blog world
So this is what I came up with 

sorry about the fuzzy photo :(
It looks crooked, but it isn't .... .trust me.  that would annoy me way too much
 Loving it!!
I only spent 50 cents on this project :)  I bought the sheet music at a thrift store)
I used 3 sheet music pages,  left the edges slightly torn and overlapped
1 piece of scrap paper and my handy Cricut machine for the "you & me"
some tape
annddd..... thats it!!