Wednesday, May 2, 2012

lilacs a suitcase and some sunshine

Today has got to be the gloomiest day ever !!
Unfortunately this kind of weather really affects my mood, 
the lack of sunshine just makes it feel like a sad day!

I was a little disappointed because I had plans to work 
out in the "garden" today....
but the drizzle out there changed that.
 you would think I'd be happy that I can put it off another day.

But anyway, I wanted to share something that brought a little sunshine to my day.
 I took some pictures
the other day (when it was warm and sunny)  with  my most recent 
"yard sale treasures" as props and I'm totally loving 
how they turned out!!
I bought this pitcher for a dollar and I love how it looks with the lilacs

and  I got this vintage suitcase for $5

I can almost feel the sunshine :)

Hope you're having a sunny and cheerful day!!
 Thanks to my mom this  lilac bush is one of my favorites in the yard now....
she started it from a clipping of a plant that I gave her as a gift.
She is a genius with things like that.

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