Thursday, May 31, 2012

Brooch and hair clip storage

I have a lot of different hair accessories and pins
that I have bought or made that I had stored
all over the place...
 this made it difficult  when
 trying to find  the one that perfectly matches my outfit
as I'm rushing out the door.

I was determined to find a  solution to this problem
and here it is...

I used a  long piece of burlap!
 I'm not ashamed to say that I am using
duct tape to hold it to the top of my shelves.
It is a melamine bookshelf and there was no way
I was getting a nail or tac in  duct tape it is!
It holds great and no one will ever know....

I got the idea
She used a belt, but I needed something a little bigger and
I already had the burlap.   works perfectly

Have you been doing any organizing lately??
If you have any great ideas... I would love to hear them!

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