Thursday, May 3, 2012

Book page flowers on canvas wall art

This project is  a little 
time consuming because of letting the paint dry and 
making the book page flowers but very simple
(tutorial for flowers HERE)

You will need 
 canvas  ( i used an 8" x 10")
          craft paint  ( I used black and white for a grayish lookb)
 some pages from an old book for the flowers

I mixed the two colors with a toothpick and brushed 
it on with short strokes to cover the white and 
get the look I wanted.

After glueing  the flowers on in the heart shape 
I painted  just
around the edges of the heart and dry brushed
the flowers with another light layer of black
Here it is on my table and....

 the finished look on the wall!

I did the black and white mixed to get a grey color that 
would blend with the other photo canvases I have on my wall
It matches perfectly!!

I would be happy to show you the wall collage I put up 
but I'm having a little issue with uploading any more photos so
until I figure that out... no more photos :(

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  1. I have been looking for book page ideas and found this! Just wanted to tell you what a great project it is.

    Thanks for the inspiration.