Friday, January 13, 2012

My size sticker fail...

I was excited to be going out with some friends tonight
and we are going to a casual restaurant so I 
pulled out what has been my favorite outfit these days.

these jeans, flow y top and cardigan....

but then this shiny dot caught my eye....
can you see that little dot on the right that has a big "S" on it?
Oh my gosh I must have worn this shirt like....  5 times?
with the size sticker on it.  Really?  5 times and I didn't see it?
Maybe no one else noticed it either or.... maybe  they were just being nice and trying 
not to embarrass me.... either way,  it's finally gone!
I'm really getting bad with this.... I came home from a 
friends birthday party about a week ago and 
realized I still had the price tag hanging inside my sweater...
I wonder.... could you see that through the back of my sweater
all night??   Am I the only one who does crazy things like this?

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